About Us
For over 30 years, Genomic has been providing quality service, on time - delivering the promise. We are a fully equipped manufacturing and fabrication company.  


From our location in Brampton, Ontario, we serve customers from around the world.

Our commitment to quality services, customized solutions, and rapid delivery is recognized across Canada, North America, Europe and Asia.

We are a leader in metal and plastic fabrication and machining.

We specialize in prototype development with quick-turnaround time. We also offer line production and assembly services.


At Genomic, we serve a variety of industries including, but not limited to:

Hospitals, Government and Defence, and Marketing and Trade Events.

We provide a one-stop solution for our customers. All of our clients are afforded an exceptional level of attention, quality, and service - the Genomic Advantage.


We use the latest technology throughout our production facility.

Our capabilities allow us to move from rapid prototyping to production capacity. All of our services are backed by a commitment unmatched customer service.